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WildFox Sunglasses

Wildfox is a vintage-inspired brand based in Los Angeles created by two best friends who were inspired by a love for vintage and eternal friendship. Wildfox is known for its iconic campaigns and high quality which has grown to include a range of luxury items including Wildfox sunglasses. Wildfox has partnered with some world famous names such as Elizabeth Arden to create products that are full of fun and femininity. Wildfox sunglasses have recently been featured in Wildfox first flagship store based in the iconic Sunset Plaza in Hollywood with a second retail location opening in 2015 in Malibu. Wildfox sunglasses can be seen on celebrities worldwide from Beyoncé to the Kardashians boasting frames that are renowned for their distinctive style such as Wildfox Lolita sunglasses and Wildfox Bel Air sunglasses. Wildfox sunglasses are aimed at the fashion lover combining style and incomparable quality gaining a large following amongst trendsetters everywhere. Wildfox sunglasses are inspired by sleepovers, movies, fairy tales, dreams and female icons focusing around love and having fun with your friends. The creators of Wildfox sunglasses, Faulstich and Gordon are renowned for Wildfox sunglasses unique motto ‘for dreamers, for the lovers, for the skinny dippers, for the barefoot explorers, for the late night chocolate eaters and for people who believe in love and believe in themselves.’

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Frame: Gold
Lens: Grey
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Frame: Rose Water
Lens: Silver
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Frame: Crystal Cove
Lens: Blue
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Frame: Gunmetal
Lens: Blue Mirror
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Frame: Montage
Lens: Graduated brown
Only £94.25 RRP: £145.00
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