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Cebe sunglasses made their debut at the end of the 19th Century in the heart of the Jura Mountains located North of the Western Alps. Established in Morez, the epitome of French glasses making, Cebe sunglasses were expert in the manufacturing of sports sunglasses. From the very start, vintage Cebe sunglasses were worn by a series of climbers on expedition where Cebe sunglasses would create products specifically adapted for the most extreme weather conditions. The history of Cebe sunglasses lends itself to a list of famous names who have left a valuable imprint on the brand for example Carl Benz, founder of Mercedes Benz. Benz ordered made to measure driving glasses from Cebe sunglasses at a time when the car windscreen was yet to be invented. Over the years as skiing holidays rose in popularity, Cebe sunglasses extended to a range of helmets, masks and Cebe ski sunglasses which were crafted for both winter and water sports. As a result, Cebe sunglasses gained world recognition by developing the market beyond Cebe sunglasses and introducing Cebe glacier sunglasses including Cebe 4000 glacier glasses and Cebe 2000 glacier glasses. Cebe sunglasses supported five-time world downhill skiing champion Stenmark who won various medals for the brand placing them as prominent figure in the sports sunglasses market. Cebe sunglasses pride themselves on comfort, flexibility, ergonomics and frame/lens quality maintaining Cebe excellence worldwide. Now sold in over 30 countries, Cebe sunglasses UK have become a true benchmark name in sport and outdoor activities amongst both professionals and sport enthusiasts. Always working extremely closely with athletes, Cebe sunglasses reviews are often carried out by such athletes to prove the performance and innovation behind Cebe sunglasses. Cebe sunglasses UK continues to work alongside high profile sportsmen and women thriving on pure adrenalin experiences and crafted for those who love the authenticity of the great outdoors. Popular Cebe sunglasses UK models include Cebe 1500 sunglasses, Cebe Base Camp sunglasses, Cebe 2000 sunglasses, Cebe Cinetik sunglasses and Cebe impulse sunglasses. These models are at the heart of Cebe sunglasses reinforcing its ethos to dive into the future and look for new horizons to master.

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